Frank Zappa

Musics by Frank Zappa: Orchestra En Regalia


Perhaps Zappa is best described in his own words, from The Real Frank Zappa Book:

"One day I happened across an article about Sam Goody's record store in Look magazine which raved about what a wonderful merchandizer he was. The writer said that Mr. Goody could sell anything-and as an example he mentioned that he had even managed to sell an album called Ionisation.

The article went on to say something like: "This album is nothing but drums-it's dissonant and terrible; the worst music in the world' Ahh! Yes! That's for me!"

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  • Dupree's Paradise
  • While You Were Art II
  • Bogus Pomp
  • G-Spot Tornado
  • The Black Page (drum solo, Joe Travers — drums)
  • The Black Page #1
  • Little House Ι Used To live In (piano solo, Ian Underwood — piano)
  • Marque-son's Chicken
  • The Dog Breath Variations / Uncle Meat
  • Mõggio
  • Strictly Genteel
  • Peaches En Regalia

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