Laco Deczi

Laco Deczi & Celula New York

The Loop Jazz Club, Občanská plovárna,

He will be 78 years of age by the time he comes to Prague. And next year marks the 50th anniversary of his band Celula New York.  The band relocated with him to New York when he emigrated many years ago - along with Laco’s son Vaico who continues to play drums in the band. In the United States they play in smaller clubs and so concerts in the Czech Republic continue to form a huge part of Celula New York and Laco Deczi’s work.
Since starting out with the jazz sextet at the Rokoko theatre back in 1962, Laco Deczi has earned himself a reputation as a top jazz entertainer. And that still applies today.  At concerts he never hesitates to comment on world affairs and themes in the media and we’re pretty sure his Prague Proms show will rank among the very best both in terms of musical performance and jam-packed fun. Presenting Celula New York, the crème de la crème among household jazz names.


  • Laco Deczi, trumpet
  • Jan Aleš, keyboards
  • Michal Krásný, bass
  • Vaico Deczi, drums