Joshua Redman

Joshua Redman Quartet

The Loop Jazz Club, Hybernia Theatre,

American saxophonist Joshua Redman is up there with the crème de la crème of the global jazz scene. His career to date can be broken down into several phases. Born 47 years ago to the famous saxophonist Walter Dewey Redman and dancer Renee Shedroff, he has taken something from each of his parents; jazz above all from his father and from his mother mainly soul, rock, world and classical music. All of this served him well at Boston’s Berklee College of Music where he met some fantastic musical peers. But the true springboard to his stellar career had to be scooping up a Thelonious Monk award in 1991. Signed to Warner Bros, his first album “Joshua Redman” was released shortly afterwards, scoring a Grammy nomination straightaway.

As a backup, Redman also studied at Harvard plus secured himself a deferred place at Yale. However in the end he had no need to fall back on such precautionary plans. One look at the jam-packed itinerary of his forthcoming European and US tour is all one needs to work that out

Three projects featuring Joshua Redman have been nominated for the ECHO Jazz 2016 Award while Redman’s track “Friend or Foe” also made it into the improvised jazz solo category at this year’s Grammy awards. Competing for the very same award was the young Joey Alexander who will be performing at this year’s Prague Proms just one week before Redman.  The 2016 Prague Proms line-up is exceptional and the Joshua Redman Quartet has to be one of the highlights.